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When should I carry a concealed deadly weapon?    What's the best gun to carry? Can I take my gun on vacation? How do I clean my gun?  We teach this and more in our class.  You'll take an "Open Book" test,  and then you'll shoot your gun from seven yards.  IF YOU CAN LOAD AND SHOOT YOUR GUN, YOU CAN  PASS THIS CLASS

CCDW class Instructor: Tom Stratton #5576
Cost $85.00
- Click here to email: tomstratton@twc.com
For more information call or text (859) 940-3240
S&D Indoor Range, 40 E. Brannon, Brannon Crossing, Nicholasville, KY 40356

CCDW Class $85

Thursday  May 18th 9-3






























              Call or Text 859.940.3240 
I'm Tom Stratton, and I've been a CCDW Instructor
since 2012. I've always preferred teaching at S&D Indoor Range, Nicholasville, KY. The classroom is nice and well lit, the 
indoor range is perfect. You'll enjoy the class 
and it's easier than you think


Will you please read this - it's very important:
(1) Bring a Photo ID that shows you're age 21 
     and a resident of Kentucky.  
(2) Don't bring anyone with you that isn't a     participant in the class.
(3) Bring only one gun, it must be in a case. 
(4) Bring 20 rounds of ammo
(5) Bring a gun cleaning kit.

(6) Bring a snack and/or a lunch. 
      If we don't stop we get out earlier.  
(7) Bring $85 (cash) per person.  
     ($75 for class + $10  range fee)
IMPORTANT- When you arrive at class 
 leave your ammo in your car

Normally classes cover:
* Legal Issues * 
Handgun Safety  * Handgun Fundamentals * 
Marksmanship Fundamentals * Carrying 
Concealed Safety Issues * Ammunition * 

INSTRUCTOR #5576: Tom Stratton
email: tomstratton@twc.com
Phone Cell (859) 940-3240
Classroom Address: 
S and D Indoor Range LLC 
Brannon Crossing Shopping Center
440 E. Brannon Rd. 
Nicholasville Kentucky 40356

Thank you for having me! I really enjoyed my time in your class, and I enthusiastically recommended my wife t
to take your class specifically. You get to the meat of the issue, you make it fun and interesting, and deliver it all in 
a very laid back environment.  Best, Brad

I picked up my CCDW license at the Sheriff's Office 
on Thursday. I applied online and it sure went quick 
and easy. I appreciate how you ran your class and have recommended it to my friends and others that 
are interested.
Thanks Again, Jim
When I took this class, I felt completely at ease. 
It's a great class and Tom does a great job teaching it. 

John J here, picked up CCDW today, 25 days from your class to permit, well done Mr. Stratton, thanks

I loved the class and how you talked to us versus preaching at us. I learned a lot and have 3 fellow work associates looking to sign up for a class under you in the next 30 days. It was awesome, continue to do what 
you are doing. I will have my wife in your class soon.
Thanks Again. Ryan
I enjoyed the hell out of your class. You covered all of the detailed information needed and made the whole experience fun! You are an inspiration in what you do and a first class individual!!! Glad that our paths crossed.
Kindest regards, Harry 
Thank you for the very informative and entertaining 
class!! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Look 
forward to seeing you on Sunday's at the range.
Hi Tom,
Thanks for making the class enjoyable. And yes, I did learn a lot. Ed
Ronnie and I so enjoyed the class and we really do 
feel like we learned a lot. And I saw a lot of guns I 
want now LOL

The Kentucky State Police was authorized by KRS 237.110 to issue and renew licenses to carry concealed 
firearms or other deadly weapons, or a combination thereof, to qualified persons. For more information click here 
to visit the Kentucky State Police website.

Kentucky State Police
919 Versailles Road Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 782-9781

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