CCDW Class 9am-3pm

Where may I carry my gun? What's the best gun to carry? Can I take my gun on vacation? It's a License, not a permit. We'll cover all this, the laws, and more...

* Legal Issues
* Handgun Safety
* Handgun Fundamentals
* Marksmanship Fundamentals
* Carry Concealed Issues
* Handgun Cleaning
* Ammunition

Call or Text Tom at (859) 314-9565

Upcoming Class Dates

December 2021
Thursday, December 16th 10am-4pm
Sunday, December 26th 9am-3pm

January 2022
Saturday, January 8th 9am-3pm
Thursday, January 20th 10am-4pm
Saturday, January 29th 9am-3pm

Call/Text Tom Stratton at (859) 314-9565


Qualifying is simple. You shoot 20 rounds at 7 yards.
Hit ANY PART of the black portion of the target 11 times

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Person 2

Person 3

Person 4

Class from 9am-5pm

The class is simple to complete. We'll take breaks, but if you'll bring snacks, we won't have to stop the class for a lunch break. Bring your gun in class when you get there, but leave your ammo in the car until we need to go get it.

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Class size is limited

Class is fun, you'll enjoy it. You'll learn about where you can and can't carry your gun. Who you can shoot, and who you can't. Class size is limited, so we ask that you register early to insure a seat. Call or Text (859) 314-9565. Please bring only the gun you plan to shoot that day, and please don't bring anyone with you that's not taking the class.

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Anyone can do it!

This lady was 80 years old. She said "She just wanted the legal right to protect herself", and she did it! She passed the class and qualified on the range, but she'd never shot a gun before. RELAX - If you don't own a gun yet, or if you don't know how to shoot yet, we'll help you get through it. You'll be glad you took the time to take this class.